Kayihura. That’s our police chief. The Inspector General of Police. He presides over a largely partisan and rouge police. And they also treat women badly. Really badly.
The latest is their manhandling of Ms Fatima Zaina whom they undressed as they arrested her yesterday. Just like that. In full view of those around.

The image that hit our airwaves is grotesque to say the least. To see the woman bare-chested and helpless – surrounded by police that’s supposed to protect us, not undress us – that image does things to the mind. It chills the bones and boils the blood!

And so we started a tweet protest (that will spill over into the street) against the insolence of our police force. The hashtag is #SomeoneTellKayihura

Some of the tweets read:

  • The role of police is not to undress women, but to redress crime!
  • Every Ugandan should condemn police brutality. Violence against one is violence against all
  • Brutalizing women won’t save a dictatorship. Wait when they come 4 you.
  • Today the nation is hurting because of the brutality vested on women leaders. We shall not accept molestation of women.
  • When someone is sexually abused in society, you call the police. Who do we call when the police is doing the abusing?
  • Shame on your team Mr. Police boss. Shame. Shame. Shame. Even an apology can’t fix this
  • Police role is to protect and serve not to undress and observe! Stop undressing women!
  • Violence against one of us is violence against all of us! When you undress one of us, you have undressed all of us!
  • If Police could strip her in public i shudder to imagine what they do to the rest in the cells
  • How is stripping women an act of service to this nation???
  • To respect the rule of law and do your job in accordance with the Constitution of Uganda. Brutality is not part of it!

Check out the hash tag. Join us on twitter. Do something within your power to speak out against this shameful treatment of Ugandan women by the police. We stand for the dignity of all women and all people of Uganda.

Injustice against one of us is injustice against all of us!



3 thoughts on “#SomeoneTellKayihura

  1. FROM KENYA – Everyone here is disgusted. Extremely disgusted. Those images are all over the Social Media. Gen. K. Kayihura has been known to be a professional until now, He has no excuse whatsoever for this. This is a very low score – both for him & his boss – Gen. Museveni. Orders must be given to people with ability to execute them with wisdom, grace & decorum. Giving instructions to fools is not a very brilliant thing to do. Ofcourse the orders must also be practical. I feel for the poor Police officers who are forced to block and torment Dr. KB against their hearts. They know like we all do that allowing the group to hold their rallies would not be any big deal. Very sad that Uganda Police is made to look so stupid in the eyes of the world – serving the interests of a few Politicians.


  2. Kaihura has become a red herring. He is just an obedient officer who is fulfilling orders from the High Command who recently threatened to smash opposition. Remain focus and channel all energies to fight the tyrant, not messangers.


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