Soak In It


Last night I had dinner with a very dear friend. I met this friend about five years ago and out of the blue we became hard and fast friends. This friend has been there for me especially through trying times. This friend checks on me, listens to me, encourages me, rebukes me, reassures me and is always there for me. When I got back to my hotel room to send a message that I had arrived safely, I found a message from my friend and it read “I love you my dear friend. Always feel free to soak in my love and friendship.”

And I thought to myself – that is exactly what God invites us to do. To soak in His love.

My mind quickly conjured up the image of soaking is a tub. Imagine coming home after a long, tiring day, and you walk into your bathroom. You put the plug in and turn on the taps – the hot water, then the cold water – getting the temperature just right. As the water fills the tub, you pour some of your favorite bath oils into the tub and the scent fills the air. You light a candle or two, put on some light soothing music, and then get in and soak. You take it all on slowly. You let the weariness of the day slip away. You let your worries and anxieties go. Here there is no rush. You close your eyes and relax. You take the moment in. You breathe deep. Your creased brow evens out. A light smile touches your lips. You just take it all in. You soak.

Imagine doing that with God’s love. Taking it in slowly. Knowing that it never runs out, knowing that God’s love for you is simply amazing. He loves you no matter what. He’s not mad at you, but madly in love with you. His love is a soothing balm, it’s a healing balm, it’s a balm for weary bodies and weary souls. It’s a love everlasting, never ending, deeper, higher, wider than we can ever think or imagine.

Take time and soak in His love. Relax. Breathe deep and take it in. It’s there for you. It’s all yours. You are the apple of His eye, the object of His affection. Let His love fill every recess of your soul. He loves you. You are loved beyond measure.

Soak in it.


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