Lord, Use My Story For Your Glory


That’s the prayer I prayed this morning as I reflected again on the story of the blind man that was healed by Jesus, whose account is told in John chapter 9. This man was born blind and a conversation ensued among Jesus’ disciples about who had sinned in order for the man to be born blind. But Jesus quickly stepped in and cut the conversation short. He told his disciples that in fact sin was not the cause for the man’s blindness, but rather that he was blind so that the works of God could be displayed through him and Jesus went ahead and healed the man.

And I thought – Wow!!!

I am God’s novel. My story points to Him – to His grace, His love, His favor, His forgiveness, His tender mercies, His patience with mankind, His faithfulness, His protection, His Father heart. My story is for His glory.

In God’s story, nothing goes to waste, not failure, not falling, not faults, not mistakes, not triumphs. All things work for good. God redeems all things. He is in all things. The Author and Perfecter! Imagine that!

The Bible is testament to God using all kinds of stories for His glory – from the gory to the glorious! Think of Adam eating from the forbidden fruit, or David the great king who committed adultery and murder. Think of Esther who won a beauty contest and won the king’s heart. Think of Joseph’s tragedy, thrown into a pit, thrown into jail, forgotten by man yet remembered by God. Think of Peter who walked on water and still vehemently denied Jesus. Think of Saul the persecutor of Christians, who turned to Paul. The stories are endless, yet the Author is the same – God.

All stories are God stories. He uses them for His glory. Even yours, unseemly as it may be. He uses it to touch others and to point them to Him.

And so it is with reverence and awe that I bow my knee and pray, God use my story for Your glory. It’s not about me, never has been, never will be. It’s all about Him!


2 thoughts on “Lord, Use My Story For Your Glory

  1. Jackie dear, thanks for your interesting and inspirational stories. I like your style of simplicity yet profound. Uncle Ben must be proud that one of his is carrying on the mantal.


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