I woke up this morning to this powerful reflection and call for action from my dear friend – the Dream Weaver.

Wish her permission, I have posted it here. Please read it, and then act!
What a week this has been!

The Democratic Alliance (TDA) TDA, TDA, TDA.
If there is one thing all of this has taught us…it is about the importance of active participation in politics because great nations do not just happen.

We find ourselves in a terrible situation where we have to make very tough choices.  Museveni versus John Patrick Amama Mbabazi (JPAM) is choosing between  a dark room and a night sky .

I say Night sky … because while there is a darker background. ….there are also stars. Lets use those stars to ensure Uganda never has to come to a situation like this again

Lets prepare to actively engage. New regimes are easier to reform because they are pressed with all sorts of expectations.

Let we, the elite begin to organize for post 2016 and be part of the government of the country because Great Nations do not just happen….to passive citizens.

While TDA or National Resistance Movement (NRM) may win….lets determine to be smarter and more deliberate next time.we must never be caught hoping great leaders will just happen “on” us.

We all know how dragons are created and what power does-or is designed  to do to men. It amplifies character.
It is like an intoxicating drug. You literally get  high on it!

The high is not instant though .It is  gradually created every time we:-

1. Choose to become a media that is For the state instead of THE FOURTH ESTATE

2.Prefer to   analyse and agonize till we are paralyzed as opposed to organizing to affect and effect

3 . Find every excuse to remain apolitical as opposed to finding the one reason you must care about your country

4. Let money and money alone define our values, determine our virtues and influence our views

5.When religious leaders use the power of faith for wrong instead of using it for the good

6.Take on a permanent spectator role at what should be a Team Sport #Team Uganda.

For everyday you wake up and do any or all of the above….you either feed the drunken dragon another bottle of power  or not.  Dictatorships do not just happen. A less than strong opposition does not just fall from the sky.

So. Rather than worrying about individuals. …lets prepare to destroy the instruments that turn men into dragons. When ordinary men slay dragons and wear its armor….it destroys.
Please people emerge. Get serious and emerge to lead.
Lead thoughts, ideas, programs that will destroy and recreate armor that is good for us all:-

There is a lot to do. Organize your selves to engage with the state regardless. The Ugandan state will be different after 2016 no doubt. The state of States does not just happen.

Make sure you contribute to the framing of questions of the day. At least question if answers seem scarce.

Question Narratives , Question Doctrines; Question ko banange!

We have so many issues we have yet to build consensus on …like what system of representation  works for the people (should we maintain a presidential democracy or we go to a parliamentary one….why? Whats the difference? What else is possible?
How do we contribute to the rebuilding of Ugandan society? So much! The Harvest is ripe but the labourers are few!

This business of moral postulating and fretting because TDA preferred Amama is the sort of pettiness we must stop.
TDA happened because of all of us who want change but dont want it enough to make it happen.

I for one….marvel that people like Prof. Ssempebwa, Bishop Zac …Hon. Matembe and many more who were part of the TDA process , are Ugandans  who have made their contribution  and should really be resting but are forced to come back to fight for Change again. A seasoned Commitment to Nation, Purpose and to GOD does not just happen.

KB was a bush hero  and is now a Trench hero …Amama will tell his grandchildren he took part in two revolutions and so on.Can you imagine how wonderful that must be? Even if you are the vilain in will have built a legacy and capacity in your offspring to effect dynamics. That , That,  That my friends is the stuff we should pride ourselves in!

How can we  be so content that we haven’t even written a newspaper article in the least?

What is it that drives these Distinct Men and Women to fight on…even in the evening of their lives?

We should be as embarrassed as we are challenged that we have to chose between bad choices (Mbu!)

Surely, as opposed to staging all sorts of “self afflicted” grievances at their show of commitment to the TDA process because we have face book fans and lovers and must be seen to know so much…why don’t we plug in?

Show me their equivalent in our time and generation!!!! (1986 and beyond). The most (You) th could do was protest outside royal suites in a convoy escorted by police. And we were excited to tweet, like and write about this.Great Nations. …….

President Museveni has also admitted to being tired of fighting for Youth and he is right!  We really feel the world owes us so much. How can a man who cant even muster the courage to ask a woman he admires for her phone number fret because his Father tells him he is not prepared for marriage?

Who is selling us this toxic poison of entitlement?

I remember TDA approached Ugandans of repute to contribute to the process as eminent persons, women representatives, support staff for secretariat, volunteers. ….name it. ALMOST everyone was busy!!!! Nobody had time or the courage to put their heads out there.

Now that TDA has had to make a decision. …suddenly we are all experts at Alliance building and all- making all sorts of utterances ! We shoot them for presenting A preferred candidate yet we never put ourselves forward. You dont want to form political parties to engage, your NGOs are ideologically bankrupt, you refuse to engage and  prefer to store up your Intellectual energy for the day when those who are seemingly less than ideal DARE to do something. ….GREAT NATIONS DONT HAPPEN BY IMPOTENT ATTACKS OF CRITICISM FROM MEN WHO CAMP ON FENCES.

Equally infuriated are those who believe Kizza Besigye (KB) was cheated for his contribution to the struggle. He deserved TDA flag-bearer because he has been “in the trenches”.

Is he any more trench praise worthy than the Ugandan mothers who have made peace with birthing on hospital floors?
Is he anymore trench praise worthy than our Young people who are more likely to find a stray 50,000 UGX note on the road than a decent job?
Is he more trench worthy than the few professors at Makerere who have taken to the exception to provide thought leadership in a context that would rather suffocate intellectual engagement than advance it?
But at least we are contesting a claim to something.

I get literally infuriated when we now take to blame games and moral posturing ,as if we who sit on the fence and face book rant like an art are any better.

At what point do Ugandans take collective responsibility for a situation?  When does it hit us that we are as responsible for the mess we are in as a we are for the solution? Which angels have been assigned to steer the affairs of men?

Let us accept collective responsibility for what has happened, stop blaming the elderly for mistakes we can address but refuse to! It is a form of auto immune dis functionality.

In the process of Nation building there are pro active laborers and spectators. You can only be either never both!Great Nations don’t just happen…they are built on the resolve and pro active determination of ordinary people committed to making an extraordinary mark in their time.

You cannot change what you won’t confront…cannot give what you never had.

Lets accept the challenge of our time and emerge to generate knowledge, to question, to Lead.

I hope in the forward, we can be more responsive and responsible.Stop by-standing and start participating.  Let this experience serve to teach us this very instructive truth:-Great Nations do not just happen.

@Dreamweaver 2015.


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