Be Aware of the Journey

imageThere are some things I believe God made just for me and travel is one of them. Oh how I love to travel! I get all excited, my heart races as my anticipation grows. I especially love road trips! I love looking at hills, at planes, at valleys, at trees. I love looking at all the beautifully tended gardens and the roadside markets swelling with colorful fruit and food. I love looking at animals, at cows as they lazily graze, at goats chasing each other. I love the clean crisp air, the smell of freshness everywhere. I love looking at the little and big towns along the way, each town with it’s unique history, color, texture, mood, vibe. I love looking up at the sky, at the beautiful fluffy clouds of all shapes and sizes, at the blueness of the sky, at the birds as they glide. I like looking at my fellow travelers, other road users along the way, wondering where they are coming from or going to. I like the sight and feeling of the endless road. It speaks to me of endless possibilities. I like reading the different signposts on the way whether it’s names of upcoming towns, names of shops and buildings or road signs that tell of upcoming bends or black spots, that give direction about speed or the kilometers ahead. I like the feel of the wind on my face, music blaring as I race, singing along in my loudest voice, with no one to impress! I love to travel!

This reminds me that leadership too is a journey and not a destination. It reminds me to stop and notice the journey. What am I learning? How am I growing? What are the different signposts on the way? Where do they point to? What are they showing? Who am I meeting on the way? How are they shaping me? How am I shaping them? What mistakes have I made? What lessons have I gleaned? What do I celebrate? What do I regret? What do I hold onto? What do I let go of? What have been the bumps, humps and potholes on my leadership journey? When has it been smooth sailing and why? When have I been frustrated and cried? What has enabled me go on despite the odds?

So many questions. So many things to notice, see and ponder.

What is your leadership journey? Are you aware of it? What do you see? What does it teach you?

Leadership is a journey, it’s ever changing, always evolving. Notice it. Learn from it. Grow. Never stop. Keep going.
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