Who is Really Immoral Here?

About a month ago or so, I was asked by a journalist to comment on the story of women stripping naked in defense of their land. The common narrative was that this act was immoral and that the women should use other means to convey their dismay that their land was being taken away.

My take was that what was truly immoral was the land grab the women and their community were facing. What is immoral is when citizens are so pushed to the wall that all they can fight back with are their bodies. What is immoral is the connivance we see all across Africa – between big business and our Governments to strip citizens of their land in the name of development. Development cannot mean the dispossession of communities from their land, it cannot mean rendering people homeless and rootless in order for business to thrive.

Development must first and foremost be about people. It must first and foremost be about preservation of that which gives meaning to life.

The immorality we must stop is a development paradigm that does not have the citizen at the center.

The Ugandan women who strip to defend their land http://t.co/KbeFKmqF89

A group of elderly Ugandan women have been stripping naked to protest against the eviction of communities in a land dispute with the government, writes the BBC’s…

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