Letter to My Climbing Party……

Today we hit the road to Kasese. Tomorrow we start the climb of the ‘real’ mountain, as a friend of mine called it yesterday.

As I think about the climbing party, we’ve come a long way. I think of all the workouts we’ve done together, the long walks, the meetings to prepare for the climb, the mountains we’ve climbed in between, the hours spent in down town Owino Market shopping for mountain gear, the many texts and phone calls exchanged. We’ve come a long way.

I wish each one of the climbers the very best. It’s been a pleasure walking this journey with each one of you:

Joy – you have taught me the power of focus, the power of saying no to the flesh and yes to what is good for my body, mind and soul. I have watched you put your everything into the preparation for this climb. I admire your spirit. When you put your mind to something, you give it oshatterne hundred percent. No more. No less. You give your all, and that is admirable.

Michelle – you have taught me the power of loyalty. You stick with your friends no matter what. You love passionately and fiercely. You are like a lioness with her cubs. You have given your all. You have worked hard. You have grown strong. You have supported the cause and the climb. You are in this for the long haul.

Penny – I watched your transition from ‘I can’t’, to ‘I will’ and in there lies your growth. Even when the going was tough, you stayed committed. You surmounted many personal challenges to stick to this goal. We cried together. We prayed together. And I am glad you never gave up. You kept your smile even through the tears. And God will wipe your tears. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

Bernard – you’ve been focused from the start. You know what you want and nothing can stand in your way. That is courage. That is tenacity. I’ve watched you endure pain and still go on. I admire that in you. I admire your knowledge about all kinds of things. You have a beautiful mind, and you share your knowledge freely. I have been enriched by the conversations we’ve had along this journey.

Peter – I admire all the hard work you’ve put into getting prepared for this climb. I know that a year ago, you had all manner of excuses about why you couldn’t do exercise. And this year, I have watched you put those excuses aside, and you have been on a roll. You’ve gone above and beyond to achieve this goal. I want you to learn from this and apply it to other areas of your life. When you want to do something, you can. Its in you. You rise above.

I feel honored to know all of you. I feel honored to be climbing with you. I wish each and every one of you the very best, not just for Rwenzori, but for life. May the lessons you learn as we climb enrich your lives and may all your dreams come true. Continue to shatter your limits!


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