Lessons From Muhabura: There is Always a Peak

As we started the hike up Muhabura last Saturday, the lead guide told us the climb would take about 5 hours to the top. Five hours into the hike, I was no where near the top. The peak seemed so far away. And the higher I climbed, the steeper the mountain became. I kept asking the rear guide how far I had to go and he told me I was almost there. He repeated it so many times until I was tired of hearing the word almost, so I told him to keep quiet. I was that frustrated. And then at some point, I looked up, and the peak was in sight. I felt such a rush of energy, I ran the few yards to the peak. I hadphoto (77) finally made it!

Every mountain has a peak. That might seem obvious. But that fact is not always obvious during the climb. During the hard bits, in the midst of the pain and discouragement, in the midst of the self doubt, in the endlessness of the journey when all you can do is just put one foot in front of the other, when the peak seems so far away, when giving up seems like a far more attractive option than pressing on, in the midst of the tears, in the midst of all the fears, it’s easy to forget that there is a peak.

But the peak is always there. The climb comes to an end. Your hard work pays off. Your nights of endless prayer and tears pay off. Your commitment to the task pays off. The time spent in the mud and the bog pays off. Your effort pays off. Your investment pays off. Sticking to the course, to the path, through all the hardships pays off. There is a peak.

Be encouraged. You will get to your goal. The celebration point is near. You will make it. Don’t give up. Press on. The peak is in sight.


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