Lessons From Muhabura: What is Your Self Talk?

self talkToday I share the second lesson that came alive to me while I climbed Mount Muhabura, and it is about self talk.

Like I said in my piece titled “Wabula Muhabura”, the climb was very, very steep and often times I felt quite discouraged. Several times I came close to giving up on getting to the top of the mountain. I would catch myself telling myself that I couldn’t make it, that I didn’t have it in me, that the discomfort and pain I felt was overwhelming, and therefore was a good excuse for me to give up. I told myself I was not strong enough and not fit enough to climb the mountain. I chastised myself over and over again for even attempting the mountain. The more negatively I spoke to myself, the slower I became.

Whenever I became consciousĀ  of myself talk, I would counter the negative with positive statements. I told myself that I would make it and that I was not alone. I told myself I was strong. I prayed desperately to God to give me strength to carry on. I told myself that if a 69 year old friend of mine could climb the mountain, then so could I.

In the same way, how we deal with challenges is largely determined by our self talk. What you say to yourself as you climb the mountain will either energize you or will demobilize you. Many times as we talk to ourselves, we don’t even think much about what we are saying to ourselves. However, we should pay attention to our self talk all the time. If yonegative committeeu find your tongue speaking discouragement, you must stop in your tracks and counter the negative self talk with positive self talk. Positive self talk moves us forward. Negative self talk paralyzes us.

The Bible is very correct when it says in Proverbs 18: 21 that death and life are in the power of the tongue. The Message Bible puts it this way “Words kill, words give life – they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.”

Are you going through a mountain right now? Be mindful what you are saying to yourself.


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