Still Going


Yesterday after spin class

While the team that climbed Mount Elgon has been training hard since the beginning of the year, nothing of all our workouts prepared us for the climb! Climbing a mountain is a different ball game altogether! While we took long walks in Kampala, nothing quite compares to the terrain of a mountain. There is no where as steep in ascent or descent in Kampala, like what we experienced on the mountain. In fact, this caused us to question whether all our preparation for mountain climbing was even worth it. We asked ourselves of what benefit all the spinning, Cheza, Torture Club and Boot Camp sessions were. This was especially given the fact that barely two minutes into the climb, we were all huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf that threatened to blow the piggy’s house down! In our foolishness (or maybe tiredness), we figured that the workouts didn’t count for much. Why does any one need firm abs on the mountain, we asked?

I think we spoke more out of frustration than logic. In jest, we started making lists of all the songs we were no longer going to dance to in Cheza, because those songs combined, did not represent as much of a challenge as the mountain climb had. We swore up and down how we were never going to pull types with George again, or jump logs or stairs for that matter. We also thought we would give ourselves a good two week break from any form of workout once we got back to Kampala. That was then. That was on the mountain.

I am glad to report that since we came back, we have actually gone back to our exercise routines. Recently I told two people that I am going to climb Mount Rwenzori and the first thing they told me was that I have to prepare physically. This confirmed to me that there are no two ways about it, one has to be as physically prepared as one can.

Because of my busy schedule, I have only managed to squeeze in spinning class on Mondays and two sessions of Rwenzori Boot Camp with George. The first Boot Camp session after Elgon was at Lugogo Stadium. George made us jump stairs in all kinds of ways for a whole hour! In the second session, George made us run for 4.4 kilometers on a hill in Kololo, while pulling tyres! I nearly passed out! One thing I had assumed was that because I had climbed a mountain, I would therefore be in much better form than before I climbed. Not so. I still pant. I still feel pain in my thighs when I do a rigorous workout. It’s still hard work. But the good thing is, I am still going on. We are still going on.

As my good friend Joy likes to say, we have to have a long term view of this whole fitness thing and see it as a life style, not a life sentence.

So help us God.


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