The Rock

Like my friend Michelle said, there are many spiritual moments on the mountain, moments that remind us that indeed, there is a God. For me, one of them was the many rocks that we saw on the mountain and the significance and representation of God as my Rock. The rocks jutted out strong, beautiful, imposing and magnificent. And there were rocks everywhere – reminding me that God, my Rock, is everywhere, all times and that He promised never to leave me nor forsake me.

The picture below was taken by Bernard Tabaire on Mount Elgon and the poem is a tribute to God, my Rock.

Rock of Ages

God, My Rock


My Rock





Through the ages

Rock of Ages

Cleft for me

I hide myself in Thee


My Rock

When I am overwhelmed

I run to You

There I am safe

And secure

My Refuge

My Strong tower

My very present help

In time of need


My Rock

My cornerstone

My sure foundation

I stand on You

I stand in You

You stand with me

You hold my hand

I am never alone

You are always with me

To the end of the age

My Rock of Ages

Cleft for me

(By JAM, 07/06/15)


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