Animal Kingdom


The Malibu storks at Nambole Stadium yesterday.

The first very obvious sight when we drove towards the parking spot in Nambole Stadium, was of several clusters of Malibu stork spread around one of the small tracks. They stood around as though they were expecting us and as though they were going to join us for the Rwenzori Boot Camp. I got as close to them as I could and took some shots. I should have known that the birds were a sign of things to come, because what we did during yesterday’s Boot Camp was a slight mirror of an animal kingdom.

For our warm up, George made us do some runs on the track. We did 100 meter runs, 50 meter runs, and then we jogged twice around the track. By the time we were through with the warm up,  we were hot under the collar, like I am sure a chicken feels when its about to be slaughtered! And yet this was just the beginning!

We then started the workout on the steps. We used the steps that are on the outer perimeter of the main stadium, doing an exercise twice all the way to the top of the steps, then walking to the next set of steps and doing another exercise twice all the way to the top and moving on. At the bottom of each flight of steps we did five push ups. Well, some of us sort of did push ups.

And then the animal kingdom work began. We hopped on the steps like rabbits, we jumped the steps two at a time like kangaroos leaping in the air, we hopped on the steps using one leg at a time, and looked like the photo (60)Malibu storks I had seen earlier. Malibu storks are famous for their ability to stand on one leg for a long time. With the workout getting more and more intense, I huffed and puffed like the big bad wolf that tried to blow the little piggy’s brick house down. At some point, out of sheer frustration from the heavy workout, I proposed to my colleagues that we should run away with the stealth of a lioness hunting its prey, when George was not looking, but my attempted coup plot failed miserably since my colleagues refused to cooperate!

George pushed us hard and long, so much so that we had to plead with him to allow us to stop the work out. He pushed us to the point that we were tired of being tired. At some point we were all operating on auto pilot. We were literally dog tired and we were so drenched in sweat that we looked like sheep that had fallen in water!

But like the proverbial cat with nine lives, we survived the workout and are alive to tell the tale.


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