Understanding The Why

Yesterday we did our first session of the Rwenzori Boot Camp for this week. We went back to the hill in Kololo. There were three of us from ophoto (58)ur climbing party, and we were joined by my niece Emma. This time round, George asked us to be prepared to work out for more than one hour – and as always, we obliged. As soon as he parked his car, George took out some tyres of various weights – the largest being 60 kilograms. He also brought out some straps, and it was clear that we were going to pull around the tyres during the work out.

As a warm up, we did 6 runs on the hill at Ridgeway Drive and then we started with the tyre exercise. The challenge for the evening was that we were each required to pull or carry a tyre (or two) while running throughout the exercise for a distance of 4 kilometers. The exercise was tough – to put it mildly. We sweated buckets, we protested that we felt like prisoners doing hard labor, but of course George would hear none of that. He made us keep going, no matter what. On many occasions during the exercise it was hard to keep on running, especially going uphill pulling a 60 kilogram tyre, but in the end, the workout was totally worth it.

As we were nearing the end of the exercise, I asked George to explain the benefit of this particular workout and this is the answer he sent me:

“General physical preparedness(GPP) is a form of well-rounded physical conditioning including aerobic stamina, strength, flexibility and endurance. Dragging a tyre a long distance or for a long time is a great form of GPP training. It combines a challenging aerobic workout with muscle strengthening and endurance building.
photo (59)
Increasing the speed of certain movements is necessary for success in many sports. Tyre dragging is a great way for athletes to learn how to explode through a movement and strengthen this skill. Placing a moderate amount of weight on a tyre and exploding through a movement over and over is helpful because the athlete sees and often hears the tyre physically respond. Tyre dragging is also a great way to add variety to stale workouts. Using tyre dragging to build muscle and strength in a new and challenging way outside the gym can reinvigorate an athletes commitment to fitness.”

So there you have the reason why we do these crazy workouts. And you too can add tyre dragging to boost your regular work out routine.


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