Would I?

I am currently attending a meeting at a place that is on the shore of Lake Victoria.

Last night, as I sat looking out at the water, watching the fishermen go about their business, I thought of the story of Peter walking on water. It’s often easy to assume that he just got up, got out of the boat and walked on water. But did he? Did he have fears? Did he have doubts? Did he step out despite his fear? As I contemplated on what he must have felt, I asked myself about how much I believe. Would I like Peter, dare walk on water? As I pondered these questions, it gave rise to this poem that I now share with you. Enjoy…..


Would I?

Would I dare walk on water?
Would I dare trust the Lord?
Would I dare call Him Master
And let Him have the last word?

Would I dare believe He’s able
That He has my best at heart?
Would I put my hand in His
And believe I’m set apart?

Would I dare believe the impossible
Despite the thick and thin?
Or would I rather hedge by bets
Before I let Him in?

Would I dare live on the wild side
And set my spirit free?
Would I ever dare believe
That I can live supernaturally?

The still waters cause me to ponder
Whether and what I believe
Lord this one thing I pray –
Help my unbelief.

(By JAM, 12/05/15)


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