I thought about it the whole day and still came up with nothing.

How do you give a fitting tribute to a woman who is worth more than all the tributes to all the mothers in the world? How do you honor a woman who deserves much more honor than is given to all the Monarchs in the world?

My Mom

My Mama!

Maybe the fact that I am tongue tied and mind boggled is telling of the kind of woman my mother is. How can I thank her enough for bringing me into this world, for enduring two days of excruciating labour pain all alone in the hospital? How can I thank her enough for watching over me when I slept, comforting me when I cried, looking after me when I was sick, feeding me when I was hungry, scolding me when I strayed, loving me in spite of all the heartache and headache I caused her, believing in me, cheering me on, praising me, knowing that she would give her life for me if she had to? No tribute is befitting enough, but still, I celebrate this phenomenal woman who is my mother.  Everything I am she taught me, and she taught me well. She taught me to love God and to love His Word. She taught me to be generous, to give of my best, she taught me to love and to look after family, she taught me and showed me the value of hard work, she taught me the value of excellence, she taught me to laugh hard and laugh long, I am sure my sense of humor is from her. She taught me to care and reach out to those less fortunate than me. She taught me to love travel and to be adventurous. Thank you for these and many more lessons that have stayed with me all my life. I love you Mom!

I celebrate my aunties both maternal and paternal, who mothered me – who ensured that I walk the straight and narrow, who answered my questions about life and about being a woman, who spoke words of wisdom to me – Aunt Karen, Aunt Peace and Aunt Anne (now deceased), Aunt Loy, Aunt Senga, Aunt Margaret, Aunt Joy.

I celebrate and pay tribute to my mother-in-law. She calls me darli (short for darling), she loves me, she checks on me often, she cooks for me, she pampers me, she spoils me, she is my friend. I am fortunate to have her in my life.

I celebrate my mothers in the faith – those that taught me Christian values and virtues, those who looked out for me and asked after me, and prayed with me and for me- women like Mrs. Helen Wangusa, Mrs. Edrida Bampatamothers-day, Ms Eseza Kakudidi, Mrs. Ojok, Mrs. Baranga and Mrs. Sarah Timarwa. Thank you for mothering me and enabling me keep the faith.

I celebrate my mothers in the Women’s Movement – women who introduced me to the movement, who showed me the ropes as a young woman, unsure of herself, women who mentored me and believed in me – women like Mrs. Sarah Bagalaliwo, Ms Yeri Wakabi (now deceased), Ms Hope Chigudu, Ms. Thelma Awori, Mrs. Robinah Rubimbwa, Mrs. Jennifer Kagugube, Mrs. Miria Matembe, Mrs. Jessica Nkuuhe, Mrs. Ruth Ochieng, Mrs. Rhoda Kalema and Mrs. Sarah Ntiro.

Thank you Lord for the love and loyalty of all my mothers. Bless them abundantly and grant them the desires of their hearts. Watch over them and keep them.

I wish them a beautiful Happy Mother’s Day!


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