Stair Master

This week on Thursday evening we finally did the Rwenzori Boot Camp at Nambole Stadium. Almost since the time we started doing boot camp sessions with George our trainer, he has been urging that the ideal workout place for us would be Nambole. We have mostly avoided going to Nambole because of Kampala’s terrible evening traffic jam, but also because for many of us, Nambole is quite out of the way. But we promised George that once the schools broke off for their holiday, and the traffic was less severe, we would go to Nambole for exercise.

The opportunity presented itself this Thursday, and George told us, or rather warned us to come to Nambole with an open mind, because the stadium is a different kind of workout from the other spaces we have been using. He asked us to arrive at the stadium by 5:15 p.m. and we diligently did as he requested.


Running up the stairs at Nambole

Nambole has lots of steps both leading into the stadium, as well as in the main sitting area and these became our prop for the workout. There are short steps and there are long, high steps that require long strides. George made us do all manner of exercises on the steps – we ran up the steps, we jumped up the steps taking two at a time, we did press ups on the steps, we hoped on the steps using one leg at a time, we frog jumped on the steps, we did box jumps on the large steps, and all in all, we sweated a lot!

As a warm down, we went to one of the smaller tracks at the stadium where we did a light jog and round the track and then ended the session with stretching exercises. It was a grueling workout, but for the most part, our girl cast nailed it (the boys were a no show on Thursday). Later on that evening, George sent this heartwarming message – “Hi, please let the team know that I am extremely impressed at the zeal you all exhibited today at Nambole. Kudos to you all.”

My legs were aching, my calves had tightened and I fell down twice during the exercise. At some point I thought my lungs would burst – but who can fail to smile at such encouragement from the coach? The other moment that enabled me smile through the pain was the inscription on the T-shirt of George’s wife, who joined us for exercise on Thursday. It read “Strong is the new beautiful.” That resonated with me so much because the purpose of these boot camp sessions we are doing is to make us strong and increase our endurance levels.

I went home happy that we had done Nambole and I am actually looking forward to going there again.


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