Fit For Purpose

Today I am so excited, I feel like I just received my report card from school after a very difficult exam.

One of the things we were told we must do before climbing, is get a physical exam (some call it medical exam). I had planned to time mine in March, to coincide with my birthday month, but my doctor was too busy to fix an appointment for me. Sometimes his phone was off, other times he wouldn’t answer his phone, and when he answered, I’d find he was away on travel.

On Thursday morning, I finally touched base with my doctor and told him I urgently needed to do my annual physical. I didn’t expect that anything would be wrong – as much as possible I try and watch what I eat, plus, we’ve been doing consistent exercise in preparation for the Rwenzori Mountain climb. But still, one never knows, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

My doctor gave me an appointment for Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and I made it to the hospital about ten minutes to time, and luckily he was thereFullSizeRender (3). I know I am a grown woman, but one of the things I hate is to be pricked and prodded with medical implements. It’s never conformable, and my pain threshold is very low. Today I even asked the lab technician if I could first get be given anesthesia before they could draw my blood. He gave me the kind of look that said “Not even if you paid me!”, so I let it drop.

I was tested for blood sugar, for cholesterol, my blood pressure was measured, my heart rate and respiration rate were also measured, as was the oxygen level in my blood, as well as my blood volume. My lungs and kidneys were checked. My weight and height were measured. I was pleased to find that I have dropped five kilos since I was last weighed. A good sign, but I still have a ways to go before I get to my ideal weight. I know I will get there, one day at a time.

Once the results were back and the doctor had interpreted them for me, he gave me a certificate to say I am fit to climb a mountain. I beamed from ear to ear! I was clearly pleased with myself. That’s one more box that I have ticked. A physical exam is a must if you want to undertake a venture such as mountain climbing. But even if you don’t climb a mountain, it’s good practice to get an annual physical exam. So please go out and get yours, and let’s celebrate our report cards!


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