Yesterday we did a Rwenzori Boot Camp session with George. It’s often interesting to speak with George just before the work out. Michelle and I, who were the only ones at the boot camp, got to the workout spot before George did, so we called him to alert him that we had arrived. He told us to breathe our last because we were going to die during the workout. He was smiling as he said this, but the look on our faces was one of sheer dread. Earlier on in the week, when I conformed to George that we would do a session on Tuesday and that we wanted to work out in Kololo, he said that we should come with an open mind. Instead my mind went wild as I pondered all the possible ways in which we were going to suffer on the hill.

Yesterday we used the AAR Hill/Ridgeway Drive for the workout. Anyone who is familiar with that place knows how long and steep that hill is. George sectioned the hill into five and we ran it 5×5 times. We would run up one segment, then walk down, and run up again and repeat this five times, then we would go to the next section of the hill and repeat the same pattern, and of course you know the higher you go on a hill, the steeper it becomes, so it was a really hard work out.

It was hard for me because I generally find it tough to run. Running taxes my lungs way too much for my liking. But that tells me I still have a ways to go before I get fit. Many times yesterday I wanted to stop running but George wouldn’t let me. On some occasions, I would run ahead of George and Michelle and then they would run up the hill after me, often times running way past me. Most times we ran forward, but for one of the segments, George made us run sideways, and running sideways up a hill really taxes the legs!Victory

All in all I appreciated the session yesterday. I have learned to appreciate each work out. I have learned to appreciate George and how committed he is to our fitness. I have learned to appreciate the hard drills because they are intended to increase my stamina and make me stronger, and while I endure the workouts with pain, and some misery, by the end I am usually happy about the experience I have been through.

I am sure climbing the Rwenzori will test our strength and endurance, and so I am glad for the work we are doing in the lowland, to prepare us for the highland.

One of the parting shots George made was that victory is first won in private before it is displayed in public. He thus encouraged us to do as much as we can at home to help us get fit – things like mastering push-ups and planks. And so I have enlisted the support of my older son, who is a pro at planks and push-ups, to help me gain victory in private. I am looking forward to my first session with him this evening.


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