Go All The Way!

Yesterday at Kati Kati, I found a very interesting statement “Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done”, and it immediately caught my eye.

I thought about tphoto (53)he statement in light of all the physical preparation we have been doing to get ourselves ready for climbing Rwenzori Mountain. I find that often, I am a culprit of stopping when I am tired, when my lungs heave and I just can’t go on, and I check my watch and I still have plenty of time left before the end of the workout. I have caught myself even wanting to walk out of a workout before it ends, because I feel tired. I often stop myself short, purely out of fear of being called a bad mannered girl, and sometimes because I don’t want to discourage others in my team by walking away.

But this is a good reminder to myself about going all the way, about committing myself not just to the outcome, but to the process, because process matters. Preparation matters. The only way to press past my limits is not just to get through, but to go through, and to go through well.

And the statement applies to many facets of life. Of course I am mindful that there is a time and place for rest. No doubt about that. But once you put your hand to that plough, so to speak, you don’t stop till you’re done. That means coming at a task with all that we have, it means getting rid of half baked and mediocre effort. It means giving our all to the task at hand.

I pray that this encourages you through whatever you are working through – that project, that relationship, that goal, that assignment, that book, that course of study, that workout – Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.

Have a blessed week.


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