I spent the past two days with my team at a place called Lakeside Adventure Park in Katosi, Mukono. I highly recommend the place. It is very beautiful, spacious, very green, and is a nice retreat place not too far out of town.

The main attraction at Lakeside Adventure Park is their high wire activity, done at two levels – suspended in the air. The high wire activity combines ropes and pulleys and sections that you navigate using your upper body. The activity requires coordination, balance and concentration. We also did other exercises like building a crate tower and yesterday the fun exercise was building a shelter from leaves and tree branches, ensuring the shelter was sturdy, water and fire proof, with sufficient animal protection. We enjoyed a campfire by the lake and we watched a movie, whose screen was set up to stand in the lake!


Securing myself to the lifeline

I found the high wire exercise quiet interesting. We were dressed up in harnesses and then the instructors explained the procedure to us of how to stay safe while doing the exercise up in the air. Critical to note was that at all times one had to clip themselves to what was called a lifeline. It was important to be clipped and stay clipped to the lifeline for safety and stability, as well as for ease of movement forward throughout the high wire activity. The exercise was scary, especially for those of us still dealing with a fear of heights. At all times, we had to trust that the life line would hold us up. And the way to tell the lifeline was to look for the wire painted with a bit of red.

Reflecting on the exercise later on, I thought about how the lifeline represents God. God is the source of life, and He is our lifeline. God sent His Son Jesus to die for us. Jesus shed his blood for us, and so it was interesting for me, that the lifeline has some red paint. But it’s also true that after giving us both physical and spiritual life, God is our lifeline every day. We have to stay clipped to Him for safety, stability and ease of movement forward, as we navigate the course called life. And sometimes our lives feel like we are being suspended way up on the air – there are lots of fears to deal with and fear can overwhelm us to the point of paralyzing us. But we always, always have to remember that we are clipped to the lifeline – God. He is with us all the time, He holds us, He shows us the way, and we are secure in Him.

Are you securely fastened to the Lifeline?


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