I Wonder Sometimes…..

I took a long slow weekend and I loved it. It felt good to rest and relax, after what seemed like a period where I was going non-stop in preparation for the Rwenzori Mountain climb. I slept as much and as often as I could. I went out to watch a movie (always a favorite pass time). I went to church yesterday, then took my sons out to lunch, and we had a heart-to-heart mother and son talk. The time was totally precious. I rested some more after lunch and then started planning for my week.

It’s back to more exercise and more preparation. I am doing exercise every day this week: Spinning on Monday, Boot Camp on Tuesday, Cheza on Wednesday morning and Torture Club on Wednesday evening, Boot Camp again on Thursday, Cheza on Friday morning, and we are doing a long walk (probably 25 kilometers) on Saturday. On some days I am pumped by all this preparation. On other days, I wonder when July will come. July is when we are climbing the mountain and it seems so far away – a whole two and a half months away. Sometimes I am not sure if I can keep going at this rate.

I’ve been reading the tales of my friend Titus Butebenkezi, who climbed Mount Rwenzori with some of his friends last year in April. Some of the tales are interesting, while some are outright frightening. Through his stories I can feel the steepness of the climb, the cold of the weather, the bog and muck, the nights of shivering and little sleep and shortness of breath. I go weak at the knees and wonder if I will make it. I wonder if this journey is even worth it. I wonder what I got myself into and how I can wiggle out of it. And then I take my fears to the Lord, and ask Him to still my anxious heart.

Yesterday, as I spoke with my boys, they asked me what three big things I have set out to do this year, and I mentioned that climbing the Rwenzori is one of my big three this year. Just as I thought of them before I took the bungee jump, I think of them now in my low moments, and know that I can not give up. If for nothing else, I will do this climb for them, so that they too will not give up on their hopes and dreams.

Rwenzori, here I come.


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