Tyre World

I am not talking about Tyre World the company that sells tyres. And I am not talking about spare tyres, also known as love handles. I am talking about yesterday’s Rwenzori Boot Camp, where the main feature of the exercise drill was a tyre. I did not know that one could come up with so many workouts using a tyre! IMG_2618

We carried tyres, we lifted tyres, we pulled tyres, we pushed tyres, we threw tyres up round our heads and down to the ground, throwing them with all the might we could muster, we hit tyres against a tree! We were extremely tired after the tyre exercise! Tired, but feeling fit as fiddles!

The exercise routine was actually interesting. We started off by wearing a ten kilogram vest and running up Joy’s steep drive way – as a warm up exercise. After running up and down the steep drive way several times, George (our trainer), then strapped me to a 60 kilogram tyre and made me pull it up and down the drive way. I did this three times. It was hard going up. At some points I literally could not move that tyre, no matter how much effort I used.

After that round, George strapped Joy and I to the 60 kilogram tyre and made us run up the driveway and then onto the main road. We thought he was joking about us pulling the tyre on the main road, but he wasn’t. We pulled the tyre, while running, for about four hundred meters. And my did our sweat pour like a river! We looked and felt like prisoners doing hard labour as part of our prison sentence! It was that bad! Some people driving past us on the main road looked at us with pity while others cheered us on. We pulled the tre back to where we started, and then it was time to work with smaller tyres, lifting them in a circular motion above the head and throwing them as hard as we couldIMG_2573, without losing balance. We then hit the small tyres against the tree, again using all our might. After that we pushed the 60 kilogram tyre across the driveway alternating between a jump and then pulling the tyre.

We did other exercises to wrap up, and then we were let off the hook. I got home so tired I could barely lift myself out of the car. As I write this piece, my arms are in pain. But the pain will pass.

That was Boot Camp yesterday. The next session is on Thursday this week and George promised us that Thursday’s workout will be harder. His intention is that we should burn as much fat as we can, while we get as fit as we can to climb Mount Rwenzori.

To that I say, with beating heart and trembling voice – ‘Bring it on George, bring it on!’


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