Making Most of the Time

After the walk to Kyeganywa Hill on Good Friday, we thought we should make most of our time in Fort Portal, so Penny, my friend, as well as my brother in law and I, decided that we would walk from Rwengoma to Buheesi. On Friday evening, we got into my car and decided to drive from Rwengoma to Buheesi, so that we could find out how long the walk would be. And we found out it’s a good 17 kilometers.

We made plans to start the walk at 6 a.m. the next day, in order to make most of the cool weather, before the sun came out. We duly set our alarms in readiness for the next day. I went to bed early so that I could get enough sleep. I woke up during the night and checked my watch. Time check was 4:35 a.m. I had one more hour to sleep, before the time I had set on my alarm. But somehow, I couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was the impending walk, and how long it seemed. I wondered whether I would make it. At some point I wondered if I shouldn’t give my walking mates an excuse as to why I couldn’t walk with them. The minutes ticked slowly by and it was soon time to wake up

I got out of bed, dressed up and joined my walk mates outside. We said a brief prayer and off we went. The walk was beautiful! I will say it again, there is nothing that beats walking through clean, crisp air. It was lovely walking with the patter of dew drops falling on my arms. Our walk took us past the Tooro King’s palace, which is guarded by army men. There has been trouble in the Kingdom of late, and I hope and pray the young King survives a coup. We walked past beautiful houses with very neat and large compounds – one of the features photo (36)I love about homes in the country side.

At some point during the walk, Penny and I decided to pray for each member of our climbing team. We prayed for them out loud. We prayed for them one by one. We prayed for Junior, who is dealing with fatherhood. His child is now three months old. We prayed for grace and wisdom for him and his  wife as they bring up their daughter. We prayed for Andrew as he goes about the business of promoting justice and liberty in our country. We prayed for his protection as he does his work. We also prayed that he would find time to get physically ready for the climb. We prayed for BT, for his work, his family and his impending travel. We prayed that the climb would bring him closer to his Creator in a new and special way. We prayed for Twongex and his family, we thanked God for the way Twonjex has thrown himself into the preparation for the climb, and the progress he is making. We prayed that his heart would also be receptive to the lessons that God is teaching him along the way. We prayed for Misha, for her school and impending exams. We prayed that she would excel. We prayed for Felix, we thanked God for him, for he is a pleasant person to be around. We prayed that Felix would stick with the journey to the end. We prayed for Joy and thanked God for giving her a big heart, we thanked God that she has shared of herself, her knowledge about fitness and health, and for the fact that she has so graciously given us her office space to do our Rwenzori Boot Camp. We prayed for Helena, who has not been well recently. We prayed for full recovery. We also prayed that God would lead her as she starts a new chapter in her life. We prayed for Mugenyi, my brother-in-law, who intends to climb Rwenzori with us. We prayed that God would enable him find the time to do workouts with us, given his busy schedule. We prayed for Carol, who has had a busy teaching schedule of late. We prayed that she would also find time, in the midst of it all, to prepare for the climb. We prayed for Penny, that she would trust that God has good plans for her, plans to prosper her. We prayed that she would learn to let go, and let God handle her business. We prayed for me too. We also prayed for our fitness instructors – George, Ricardo, Andrew and Felix. We thanked God for each one of them and for the gift of encouragement that they have. We prayed for strength for the climb, we prayed for all those who will be our support team – the cooks, the potters and the guides. We prayed that we would bond well with them. We prayed for good weather as we climb. We prayed that we will all be ready in all ways –  physically, mentally, spiritually and financially, to take on the climb.

We got to Buheesi, tired but grateful that we had done the walk. We jumped onto a taxi back to Fort Portal town and then walked from town back to Rwengoma. In all we did 19 kilometers. I am usually dog tired after our long walks and I need at least one hour to sleep and recover. But what I can say is, it’s  getting better. Where my legs used to be in so much pain and I would need two days to recover, these days it’s taking less and less time. By yesterday afternoon I was totally ok.

A big Amen to that!


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