On A Hill Far Away…..

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Kyeganywa Hill

On Good Friday, I literally walked on a hill far away. Far away from Kampala that is. I was in Fort Portal, the home of my husband, and we had gone to spend Easter with his family. His home is in Rwengoma, which is on the Bundibugyo Road.

As has become my custom, as of two Christmases ago, whenever we are in Fort Portal, I climb Kyeganywa Hill. I usually drive to Nyakasura and then walk up the hill. This time round, a friend of mine (Penny) and I decided to walk from Rwengoma to Nyakasura and then we climbed the hill, which is a good 1,657 feet above sea level. The climb itself is 1 kilometer.

The walk to Nyakasura was lovely. Right in front of us as we walked, we could see the lower ranges of Mount Rwenzori. Even though they are the lower ranges, they still look quite high. As we looked at them, I kept thinking about how, in a few months time, I will be on the Kasese side of the mountain, hiking up to Margarita Peak. It seems almost surreal! Nothing beats walking in a place with clean, crisp air, walking through lots of trees, and walking by Nyakasura River. It’s pure heaven! And then the heavenly feeling seems to stop when you get to the foot of Kyeganywa hill. That hill is steep and long!

Even though I have climbed Kyeganywa hill twice before, I still felt a dread creeping up in me, as I looked from the base of the hill to the top. But I told myself since I had come this far, I would have to walk all the way up. And my, what a walk! It’s the kind of hill where you start off walking with your back straight, and then, before you know it, you start to hunch over. At some point, Penny and I were literally walking the hill on all fours- not crawling, but bent over, hands on the ground for support. And our chests heaved and almost gave way! That hill takes a heavy toll on the heart! It’s a tough walk. But there is nothing that compares to the feeling of getting to the top, and then looking all around and seeing the scenery of the four crater lakes, the Kalyango hills beyond and the lower ranges of Mount Rwenzori in the distance.

As I walked up Kyeganywa Hill, my chest almost bursting with pain, I thought of another hill – Golgotha, where many years ago, Christ walked for me. His mission – to give up his life for me, the highest expression of love – that I might be reconciled to Him, that I might have true life. If I thought my walk was not easy, His must have been beyond excruciating – walking up that hill towards sure death – death on a cross. It was not easy, but He did it for me. He loves me that much, and more.

And as I climbed Kyeganywa hill yesterday, I was not alone, He was right there beside me, as He has always been, through all the hills of life that I climb. For He promised that He will never leave me, nor forsake me.

As I climbed up that hill, the song on my mind was “On a hill far away, stood an old rugged cross…..”


2 thoughts on “On A Hill Far Away…..

  1. Wondrous reading….thank you, will think of the cross on my morning runs, which are increasingly harder….as I intend to raise the bar towards 5km.


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