Have you ever been in the presence of someone who makes profound statements every time he or she opens their mouth to speak? IMG_2513That’s what it’s like to be around George, our Rwenzori Boot Camp coach. Yesterday, as soon as he arrived at our training venue, he came up to my car, greeted Penny and I and said “The only way to grow is to shatter your limits.” Very simple, but very profound. This is the kind of statement one has to let sit and marinate in one’s mind, and then chew over very slowly again and again and let it’s truth sink in one word at a time.

Lucky for us, George is good at making us shatter our limits each time we meet. He is always pushing us to do better, work harder, and go further than we think we can. And yesterday was no exception.

Each week, as George opens his car, we are always on the look out for what contraptions he will pull out of his car, signifying the type of work out we will undertake that day. Yesterday he pulled out a 15 kilogram bag of sand, he pulled out a huge tire and he pulled out two weights – one of 7.5 kilos, and another of 12 kilos. Our dread levels increased with each item he pulled out of his car.

We started with a warm up round, to get our heart rate going. We did jumps where we brought our knees to our chests, and clapped under the knee. We then jumped over six logs in a row – one log at a time. After doing several jumps, we proceeded to jump stairs – two at a time, repeating this for about 15 rounds. We then went to another set of stairs and did another exercise at those steps. After that we proceeded to carry the weights, the tire and the 15 kilogram sack of sand up and down the steep drive way. We also ran up and down the drive way and did suicide sprints. We did squats, we did burpees and push ups too.

The Boot Camp is majorly about strength training. We sweat a lot. Our hearts beat a lot, and I bet we burn many calories each time we meet. It’s not easy at all, but it’s worth it. The training for the climb has taught us to work hard. Our limits have been stretched and broken, and then each time, we must set knew limits. We are not yet there. But like I have learnt over the past two months – each work out counts.

And now I have something new to think about – the only way to grow is to shatter my limits. Other wordIMG_2507s for shatter include – smash, break, destroy, explode. All powerful words. When something shatters, it scatters into many tiny pieces, and the shattered thing no longer looks like what it did before it was shattered. When something shatters and scatters, it is often hard to re-create the old, and hence, one has to make something new. That’s what I want to do every day. To shatter. To scatter. To grow. To stretch. To recreate myself. To overcome, one limit after another.

Exciting. Challenging. Doable.


3 thoughts on “Shatter!

  1. I think limits can be scary when you don’t know what is on the other side. We all treat them like country boundaries, waiting for someone to give us a visa to go over it.
    Or we just want to slink quietly over them while no one is looking. Great challenge!

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