Auntie O!

Headmistress Look

My “Auntie O” look…..

I have earned the nickname of ‘Auntie O’ among the friends I am climbing Mount Rwenzori with. The O is for Organized.

On the one hand, you cannot have been born and raised by my mother, and not be organized. My mom is ultra organized and she taught us well. Or maybe, it partly stems from being the first born in my family. I know many firstborns are often under pressure to set and be the example to their younger siblings. One of the examples they have to set is that of being organized. Or maybe I took my S6 teacher’s words to heart. She always spoke to us about the 4P’s – Prior Preparation Prevents Problems. She repeated the 4P’s many times over, as a way to enable us read well ahead of the final exams in A Level.

Preparing for climbing Mount Rwenzori has enabled me get better at planning. I plan alone and we plan together as a team. I have greatly improved at planning exercise way ahead of time. Every Sunday night, I know and plot in my diary what exercise I will do, when and where.  I make sure that my exercise clothes and shoes are clean, that my exercise bag has the right essentials, and I make sure I have paid for the regular exercise well in time, or plan to have enough money on me, for the exercises that we pay for per session.

When we got together as a climbing team, we started having planning meetings. So far we have held two. Since we are all novices at mountain climbing, we planned that we should do a trial run – climb a mountain that is not as difficult as Rwenzori, but which can give us a feel of what mountain climbing is. As a result we have planned to climb Mount Elgon in May this year, before we take on Rwenzori in July. We appointed one of us to lead the planning and preparation for the Elgon climb. And we are booked for the climb and ready to go.

We also do a lot of planning on our whatsapp group. On this platform, we plan when we will do group exercises – like strength training and the long walks. We plan where to meet and when to meet. We plan car pooling and other logistics associated with the long walks – like the refreshments at the end of the walks.

Now that the rainy season has started in earnest, I have planned not to be derailed by the rain. Tomorrow we are doing a long walk – Kabalagala to Nsambya lights, to Entebbe Road, branching off at Salama Road. We will walk the Salama Road to Munyonyo and Munyonyo back to Kabalagala. In preparation for this, I bought myself a rain coat today – just in case I need it for the long walk tomorrow.

Planning helps me to prepare for and know how to deal with obstacles. Planning helps me eliminate excuses and laziness. Planning is part of the road to success.

I once read that embedded in the word procrastinate is castrate. To procrastinate is to castrate your success. The way not to castrate your success is to plan – plan now, plan often, plan well in time.


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