The Great Gathering

Yesterday (Saturday 21st March), our Gayaza High School Class of 84 had a grand reunion. It was the second attempt at such a reunion and this time it went much better. Many more girls were able to attend.

It was lovely seeing old faces again. Many of the girls have not changed much. Those who were stubborn and cheeky in school are still pretty much the same. Those who were cool, calm and collected are still that way.

We came together in thanksgiving of all that God has done for us since we met each other in Senior One in 1984. We reminisced about old times – about life at Gayaza in those days – which is very different from the Gayaza of these days. Where we were 600 students in the whole school at that time, today, Gayaza has 300 students in SeFullSizeRender (1)nior One alone! We talked about ‘family’ – that famous list that was read each end of term, of the six best performing students of each class. We spoke about house work, about country dancing, about Metu (short for Matron), who used to inspect our dormitories for cleanliness. We spoke about the punishment book and the punishment tree, and all the mischief we got into that landed us into trouble. We spoke about our teachers, those that inspired us to love and excel at subjects we had almost given up on, we spoke about the strict ones, those we feared and those we revered.

We celebrated our careers. As I looked around, I was amazed at the sum total of our years of experience in the work place. We have girls in all kinds of professions and sitting among us were 4 PHD holders, which is no mean feat. Many of the girls have excelled in their professions and they are leaders – directors, managers, heads of departments. There were also many who are doing business, the main one being farming – there were poultry breeders, tree growers and matooke farmers. Some have started schools of their own, others have started non profit organizations, some own their own private practices – law firms, pharmacies, transport companies, some have gone into consulting. We celebrated where we have come from and where we are now. We have come this far by the grace of God.

We celebrated time and life. We remembered those from our class of ’84 that have since passed on. We have lost 11 classmates in all. We observed a moment of silence for them and said a prayer for their families. We reminded ourselves that God is Lord of time, and that in His time He makes all things beautiful. We also reminded ourselves to use our time wisely, not to take the time that we have for granted. We reminded ourselves to make our time here on earth count, to go to the grave empty, having poured out our lives and lived to our fullest potential here on earth.

We celebrated the testimonies that have come from all the mountains we have faced. Some have battled cancer, some have been widowed, some have lost businesses, some waited a long time for children, some have lost parents. Through all the changing scenes of life, one testimony is clear – that in all things, God is faithful.

We ate, we laughed, we sang, we danced, we even had a moment when our head girl of back then, called in from abroad and spoke to us. She spoke like the true leader she is. And to crown it all we cut cake.

To this day we are proud to be Gayaza Girls. We are cognizant of the privilege of having attended such a great school. We do not take our education for granted, especially in this day and age where quality education is a key challenge in our country. We reminded ourselves that in all things good or bad, we must remain true to our school motto to “Never Give Up”!


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