The 4 Cs

Looking back, I cannot believe that last year, after climbing some hill in Fort Portal, I got the wild idea that I could take on Mount Rwenzori! It’s crazy because I had not even figured there would be any preparation of sorts. I just thought I could set a date and arrive at the foot of the mountain, ready to climb. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, in terms of the preparation needed to climb a mountain.  And so for one, I am glad I shared my goal with friends, I am glad I reached out to some friends who had climbed the mountain last year. I am now the wiser for having sought advice.

Yesterday, part of the sermon at my church, spoke to our goal to climb the mountain – it was about the 4 Cs – Calendar, Cash, Conversation, Contemplation. These four Cs are important for many undertakings in life.

Calendar: If something is important to you – you make time for it, you plan for it, you mark it down on your calendar.

Cash: If something is important to you, you spend money on it. And it’s important to plan for the cash side of the mountain climb – both for the preparation for the climb, and the actual climb itself (I will write a separate blog about the cash side of the preparation).

Conversation: people will tell from your conversation, what is important to you. The climb is so important to me that I have told anyone who cares to listen. In fact, starting this blog was partly because I wanted to talk about the mountain climb. My friends and I created a WhatsApp group to talk to each other about the climb. We have started a joint blog at to share our stories of the climb. We talk about it a lot!

Contemplation: When something is important to you, you think about it. I think about Rwenzori often. I have a picture of a mountain as my screen saver on my phone. The picture on this blog is of a mountain. I pasted a picture of Mount Rwenzori into my prayer journal, so that I can look at it every once in a while as I think about the climb, as I think about that selfie I will take when I get to the top. When we did the long walk on Friday last week, Rwenzori was on my mind. When I want to give up on my goal I think about the mountain, and I am energized to go on.

I hope the 4 Cs will be a useful guide to you for whatever goal you are pursuing.

I wish you all a blessed week!


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