Rwenzori Boot Camp

Today was something else! Wow!

BT Tire Throws

A few weeks back, Joy, one of my friends doing the climb, told us about a friend of hers called George, with whom she had shared our intention to climb Mount Rwenzori this year. George is a fitness coach, and he quickly offered to help us achieve our fitness goal in preparation for the climb. Because of work commitments, I had not yet had the opportunity to do the exercise program with George, but I heard from my team mates, what killer drills he took them through – from bear walks, to carrying logs and carrying jerry cans. The stories were like those from a classic horror boot camp.


Today I was finally able to attend the session with George and my oh my! What a work out! We jumped straight into the session with tire throws. One had to go through the motion of holding a tire, lifting it up as you twist to one side, lifting it all the way over your head and throwing it with all the power you can muster. Joy and Bernard did ten each rounds of the tire throw. I did three and George, seeing that I was not getting a hang of it, quickly changed the routine. We now had to hit the tire against a tree, still twisting from side to side, and hitting the tire against the tree with all our might. That exercise is a great work out for the arms.

me wondering

We then ran up Joy’s drive way (we do the exercises at her office), and we alternated the hill sprints with five push ups at a time. Running has never been my thing, so I was panting like I was about to pass out! And as for push ups…. My upper body is still to heavy for me to carry, so I do a half push up, on bended knees. Even with then I still find it hard to raise half my body. After the push ups and hill sprints we did jumping jacks, we then did ab exercises, we then sat cross legged and got up in quick succession and did this about ten times, we ‘danced on steps’, jumped over logs and did some planks.

Joy Throwing

It was tough! Usually when I am trying to get through a hard segment of exercise, I close my eyes so that I can get through it. George kept telling me to open my eyes and face the pain head on, with eyes wide open. George kept telling us to go on, to push ourselves, he told us not to give up on ourselves. In short, he told us to press past our limits. In my head I kept swearing that I would not go back for this exercise, that it was too hard, that I wanted out. But I persevered till the end.
And in the end I felt great. I am aching in all kinds of places, but I feel great. I can hardly walk or lift my arms, but I feel great. That’s one more work out done. And each work out counts.

Rwenzori, here we come!


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