Hi, I’m New At This

My FIrst Mountain Boots

My First Mountain Boots

I started my year like many people do – I wrote out some New Year Resolutions and this time, I told myself that I really wanted to stick to them. One of the resolutions I wrote down was that I wanted to climb Mount Rwenzori – which is the highest Mountain in Uganda. I wanted to do this for three main reasons – first, this year I turn 45, which is 5 years shy of 50 and I decided that for the next five years, I want to do something new each year, as I build up to my 50th birthday. Secondly, last year I had a major turn over regarding my health. I undertook a 30 day juice fast in March 2014 and this year, I decided to do something different for my health, something that would take me to the next level, something new, something challenging and hopefully, something fun – and so I chose mountain climbing. Thirdly, I felt God telling me that my theme for this year, the thing I most needed to do was to “Press Past My Limits”, and climbing the tallest mountain in Uganda certainly represents that for me.

I shared my mountain climbing dream with a diverse group of friends and some of them have since joined me in my quest to climb the Rwenzori. They are a neat group – there is Joy, my juice coach – she supported me during my juice fast last year. She prayed with me, called, me, made juice for me, introduced me to dance exercise, she was a true sister. There is my youngest brother, DJ Twongex. He has jumped into the mountain climbing preparations with such gusto, it is totally inspiring. There is Michelle – we call her the energizer bunny. She always has a ready smile and a ready laugh, she is loud, fun, in-your-face, tell-it-as-it-is and a very kind spirit. There is Carol. She is cool, calm and collected, humble, simple and a total pleasure to be around. There is Andrew – the skinniest in the group. He is the embodiment of the new face of social justice activists in Uganda! He is passionate about politics and he is a classic nerd, but a fun one to be around. There is Bernard. He and I are the ‘elders’ of the group (because we are the oldest). Bernard is very thoughtful and yet playful too. And boy does he take the climb serious! There is Helena, a mentee of mine, a powerhouse of a woman. She is definitely one to watch. Her star is just beginning to rise. Lastly, there is Junior. He is a new father of a baby girl (barely a month old). He hasn’t been able to join us in all our practice drills because he has to be up at night, helping his wife with the baby. Most times he is on colic duty, so we understand that he is tired a lot of times.

This is the group that has committed to go mountain climbing with me. And through this blog, I want to share our story. I want to talk about not just climbing a physical mountain, but also about climbing and conquering other mountains we face. I want to talk about pressing past our limits, about the discipline it takes to take on a mountain. I want to share the lessons we will learn as we prepare for and take on the climb. I want the blog to be a resource to others who want to climb a mountain and don’t know where to look for the information they need to undertake that sort of venture.

I hope you will enjoy the journey. I hope you will be blessed and encouraged and challenged to face your own mountains and press past your own limits.

So let’s do this!

Rwenzori Hiking

Rwenzori Mountaineering Services


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